Dawn’s 2018 story

This year has been eventful to say the least! As some of you may know I started working with Urban Safari as casual staff in May and I can honestly say it is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Martin and Jane were just amazing and gave me the opportunity to meet some lovely animals and assist in taking them to schools, care homes and other events in order to give people the chance to meet animals they would not usually get to meet and in turn, give them information on these wonderful creatures, which either allayed their fears or helped them to see that all animals need respect and proper care. During this time I have learned so much, and gained so much confidence, thanks to Martin and Jane ... and Ralph! I have always wanted to work with animals and wanted to educate people and promote conservation and I was able to do all of this with Urban Safari. Sadly, Martin’s health meant that he was unable to continue with Urban Safari, but I was given the amazing opportunity to take on Urban Safari myself! It has been a steep learning curve but my family and Martin and Jane have been there to support and encourage me. As of a few weeks ago I have taken on ownership of Urban Safari and hope to continue the ethos that Martin and Jane started. I will be forever grateful that they came into my life and gave me such an amazing opportunity and gave me the chance to become friends with two such awesome people. I hope to do them proud! Dawn xxx



Unfortunately I am having to step away from Urban Safari due to ill health....However, I am Very pleased to announce that Dawn Bunting who has been working with us over the last 4 months will be taking over Urban Safari and will continue to run the business in the way we have for the last 18 months. Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of all types of animals with her, also her experience of working with children in lower and pre schools is invaluable. We wish Dawn every success and hope all our past and present customers will also support her in the coming months. We will continue to support Dawn as much as possible. Martin & Jane

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Martin and Jane would like to welcome Dawn to Urban safari. Dawn has joined us as an animal handler and presenter, She brings a wealth of experience with her from working at Shepreth Wildlife Park and being part way through her degree at Shuttlworth Collage, As well as working part time as an early years practitioner.